Hearing Services

Infinite Hearing Solutions offers premium services for a variety of adult hearing needs. We are not a “one size fits all” hearing care center. We work with each of our valued patients to find out what their hearing needs are and which solutions will work best with their lifestyles. The goal of our hearing treatment is not to have you change your life to accommodate your hearing needs, but to provide care that lets you continue to do the things you love.


Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations

The first step in our care process is to conduct a comprehensive hearing evaluation. More than a simple hearing test, our hearing evaluations are a thorough examination of your hearing abilities. The process takes about 90 minutes, beginning with a questionnaire about your hearing ability, lifestyle, and medical history. This conversation will give our professionals a better sense of where your hearing may be causing you problems. We’ll administer a series of tests and go over the results with you, then recommend the solutions we think will work best for you in your life. Our hearing tests are performed in a controlled environment with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure we get the most objective view of your hearing ability.

Hearing evaluations are recommended to be taken annually for adults over the age of 50. According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, “nearly 25 percent of those aged 65 to 74 and 50 percent of those who are 75 and older have disabling hearing loss.” While age-related hearing loss is more common among older Americans, you could benefit from monitoring your hearing abilities early. Hearing loss occurs gradually, and on average, it takes about seven years before a person notices the effects. Schedule your hearing test with us today!


Hearing Aid Fittings

Following your hearing evaluation, we recommend technology based on your specific hearing aid needs. Once you have selected your hearing aids, we perform the fitting process. This involves programming levels with your devices to ensure that you hear accurately in a variety of environments. There is also a physical component of the fitting process, and for some devices that includes making custom molds of your ear canals to ensure a proper fit.

Getting used to your hearing aids might take some time, and we will guide you through the transition to healthy assisted hearing. We have encountered many of the common adjustment issues that people tend to face, and we can help you prepare for the possibility that you may encounter them as well. Some basic instruction and counseling can be a great way to get going with your new hearing aids. We begin with general instructions on the use of your hearing aids, help you transition to using them in a variety of settings, and also offer tips for specific issues you encounter on your own path to healthy hearing.


Custom Hearing Protection

Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) was declining in America through the early 2000s, but it is on the rise again. This form of hearing loss is common among younger Americans. While about 10% of millennials have NIHL, already 17% of Gen-Z’ers have it. We need to do a better job of protecting our ears in noisy environments!

Custom earplugs offer the most reliable hearing protection, the most comfort for long wear, and the best sound quality of any solution on the market. If you regularly require hearing protection for any activity, talk to us about the custom options available to meet your needs.

Musicians, concertgoers, motorcyclists, gun enthusiasts, those who work in noisy environments, and many others can benefit from custom hearing protection.

In-Ear Monitors

An excellent option for musicians, these devices protect your hearing from dangerous stage volumes while providing crystal-clear monitoring of the music going on around you at a safe level. We offer premium-quality in-ear monitors for musicians of all stripes.


Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)

Some ALDs give your hearing aids a boost, while others work independently. They range in type from installed systems that broadcast sound directly to hearing aids, to a simple amplified telephone. Some people may prefer to utilize many different ALDs, while others may not need any at all. At Infinite Hearing Solutions, we carry a wide range of ALDs and can consult with you as to which ones may be right for you.


Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus, or “ringing in the ears,” is the regular presence of any type of sound with no external stimulus. As many as 25% of Americans may suffer from tinnitus. Tinnitus can have a wide range of causes and it can be debilitating to some people while not even bothersome to others. If you are struggling with tinnitus, we will work with you to help you discover the underlying source of your tinnitus and help you find treatments that work to provide relief.

hearing aid repair

Hearing Aid Repair

We offer premium hearing aids at Infinite Hearing Solutions. While the hearing aids we sell are of top quality and very robust, they still spend most of their time in the relatively inhospitable environments in and around our ears. Earwax, moisture, and environmental debris can build up and cause problems. If your hearing aids aren’t working well, bring them in. We can repair most hearing aids from all major manufacturers, whether you bought them from us or somewhere else. Your provider will also check to see if there are repairs covered under your warranty. If your hearing aids need to be sent to the manufacturer for a more robust repair, we can provide you with complimentary loaner devices while you wait for yours to come back.


VA Services

Infinite Hearing Solutions wishes to thank all those who have served in our U.S. military. Tinnitus and hearing loss are the #1 and #2 medical concerns, respectively, for veterans returning from active duty. The MISSION Act of 2018 allows veterans with hearing issues to see local hearing care providers under certain conditions. If you are a veteran in need of hearing care in the Temecula Valley region, call us to find out if you are eligible to be treated at our office under the MISSION Act.

Telehealth & Mobile Services

We provide comprehensive hearing services to you in the comfort of your own home - online with telehealth or in-person with our mobile services.

Accessories & Supplies

We offer hearing aid accessories & supplies. Your provider will discuss options with you to optimize your hearing aid experience.